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"RSS aggregator usage has slowed significantly," an rep said in a blog post yesterday."Bloglines isn’t the only service to feel the impact. " Since Bloglines will remain operational until October, you have about three weeks to export your feeds to another RSS application such as Google Reader.Reeder's clean design and no-nonsense approach to feedreading won't make it the next billion dollar app, but it's not trying to be that.For anyone that needs to keep up with RSS feeds on their phone, Reeder is well worth checking out.At the top of the item feed, you'll find a Readability icon loading a cleaner "Readability view" of the page.There's also a quick access menu for adjusting type size and line height.

RSS "pushes" website updates to readers around the world so they don't have to find them through search or refreshing the site.

Interestingly, you can also hook up your Readability account as a source account to keep your entire reading list and your RSS feeds all in one app.

Hopefully, Instapaper and Pocket support will be added in future versions.

Your RSS feeds are sorted by folders, and clicking through to any folder (or your entire list of items) gives you the option of viewing by starred or unread items, or broken down by feed.

After two major revisions, users can finally add new RSS feeds from within the app, instead of requiring you to manage from a desktop browser.

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