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"We decided to target toplevel managers, executives and professionals," says Eligon spokeswoman Tatiana Khanberg.

"Dating websites can lead to awkward situations for them.

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He is less concerned with being awkwardly paired with a client and more interested in meeting someone with a similar frame of reference.But with "Select," that's no longer the case; you're no longer connected to anyone who might be a potential match.Instead, you're only connected to those in your supposed social strata — or as it was defined in past eras, the confines of your "class" — which only serves to reinforce our worst impulses to divide, discriminate and segregate.Sure, these apps might make our lives, or choices, easier.But for all of the buzz around this new brand of exclusivity, the latest innovation reinforces some of the worst elements of human nature: to divide ourselves as "us" versus "them," to rank each other's worth by superficial measures.

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