H bomb harvard dating

A quick look at demographics helps illustrate this: Rather than young adults trying to find their identities and figure out what they want to do with their lives, MBA programs features cosmopolitan men and women who are focused on accelerating their careers.Both millieus feature plenty of partying, but that’s where the resemblance ends.You’re not going to be spending late nights debating the meaning of life or trudging your way to the local frat party to score some illegal booze.Instead, you’ll be hitting bars and clubs with your friends during schools, and planning posh treks to Bali and other global hot spots for your vacations.The Harvard MBA Says: Now here’s a question after my own heart.After all, if networking is one of the most important aspects of business school, the social life of the school is probably more important than the number of Nobel prizewinners on the faculty (though those help too! HBS offers a very rich social life, but it is very different from the experience of being an undergrad at an American university.I can tell you any HBS student who took it upon himself to do the equivalent of rushing an undergrad frat would be in for some serious abuse from the rest of us. While these secret societies encourage conspiracy theorists to prove that they rule the world through covert connections, HBSers are content to wield their power out in the open.

Study groups meet every day, generally before the first morning class.

Beyond these three structured social activities, HBS students also simply make friends.

There are folks like my friend Tony whom I simply enjoy spending time with, even though we never took a class together, studied together, or were in a club together.

Unlike sections or study groups, clubs and activities generally bring together people with similar interests.

I’m still in close touch today with my fellow High Tech club officers, as well as my fellow writers.

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