Speed dating at the strand

SO we wanna see your faces while we host the hell out of a Queer Ladies’ speed dating. And some of y’all come anwyay and we love that, that’s how you gotta move in this world, if you can — with the idea that even when something seems scary you should try and do it anyway.

Now some of us are dealing with hella high levels of anxiety when it comes to social interactions and yo, don’t do anything that is going to put you in danger BUT If you can speed date, you should!

“It was July so it was a little warm, but people were excited,” Hu said.

The speed dating event is aimed at guests 21 to 40, though, with the age restriction mainly there because alcohol will be served. Additionally, there will also be pastries served since the bookstore is partnering with Maison Kaiser.

On Tuesday, December 10th Strand Bookstore is hosting another round of Queer Ladies Speed Dating, and Autostraddle Heroic Duo Gabby and Katrina will be starring as your rad hosts.

Unfortunately I no longer live in The Best City In The World so I cannot attend, but I trust all of you single ladies (and otherwise identified homoqueers) to show up and look cute and make casual small talk about books and literature and graphic novels and all the other amazingly awkward topics of conversation you might broach with a perfect stranger while taking part in an activity like speed dating.

For this reason, Hu approached the people behind “Puffs” to help facilitate the event.

Come down on Tuesday and do the damn thing with us. Note: Cool fkn prizes will be given away so brush up on your Autostraddle trivia. ‘Tis the season to have a blast with some queers and find someone new to read graphic novels with while watching Love Actually and smoking some firme bud by the fire.

For twenty bucks, you will get FREE WINE and FREE SNACKS. Phoenix, the boi formerly known as Katrina, and I have hosted Speed Dating at the Strand for the last two years, before that I hosted with the great DJ Carlytron.

If you’ve ever attended Queer Ladies Speed Dating at The Strand before you know how fun it is and how at ease Gabby and Katrina can make you feel, and if you’ve never attended before all I can say is damn, you are in for a treat!

Let’s go over the basics: Strand Bookstore has continuously proven itself to be an excellent ally to New York City queer women.

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