Updating ms access table vba

Set the Name property for one text box to Start Date and the other to Future Date.Set the Format property for the Start Date text box to Short Date.Now they sent us the copy and want me to update ONLY the fields where there are changes.

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If some of the data in the old db supercedes the new db, you'll need to find some way of identifying which records in the old db to leave untouched; do you have, for instance, a field that records the date/time the record was last updated?I don't mean to be pompous, but having made mistakes when migrating data many many times, can I recommend that you test this out on a copy of the old db first, and only make it final once you're really sure you got what you wanted - I've made the mistake of updating/migrating data, thought it all looked fine through a cursory check and no errors reported when migrating, only to find a few days later that there had been some errors; by which time the data in the post-migration tables has been changed by users and it becomes a nightmare to recover the situation!QUOTE=Anandjhb]Hi Kevin There are only 2 tables, the OLD table and a copy of that table with updates which I call the NEW table.However our Head office has sent us a NEW version of the database.I need to be able to take the new verson and add it to the my existing database so that it can update it with records that have been removed and also update existing records with more current information.

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