Stop attack intimidating shout macro

[the flash drive gets its close-up] We must get this sword to the ones who have proven they have no life. Cartman sense this and lowers his pants as Liane positions the bedpan in place.

Let's just hope to Christ they don't start the battle before we can reach them. Cartman lets go and a log comes out first, followed by a spattering stream of crap.

[moves around his podium to talk to Clyde more directly] If you had a chance right now to go back in time and stop Hitler, wouldn't you do it? [Clyde's character looks like he's about to swing at a baseball] Hit him now, Clyde! Cartman screams into his mic, then throws down his headset] God-fucking-dammit!!!

[beat] I mean, I personally wouldn't stop him because I think he was awesome, but you would, right? [meanwhile, in his apartment, the ganker just keeps plugging along.] Yes.

[whips out a sheet full of calculations] Sixty-five million three hundred and forty thousand two hundred and eighty five. The four friends are back in the forest looking for boars.

Which should take us seven weeks five days thirteen hours and twenty minutes, giving ourselves three hours a night to sleep. You can just..can just hang outside in the sun all day tossin' a ball around, [firmly] or you can sit at your computer and do somethin' that matters. They slaughter the boars as they come upon the groups of them. During recess and lunch, as the other kids play outside as usual, the boys are at computers at the school's computer lab playing Wo W.

Meanwhile, the President of Blizzard and Member 1 arrive at Stan's house. The door opens] Sounds to me like we don't have a choice! [Member 1 kneels and reverently gives the USB drive to Randy. [the driver opens his door, Randy yanks him out and knocks him out with one punch.

[More pimples appear, and his hair begins to look matted]Yeah! [He's gotten fatter than Cartman normally is, to the point where he's too fat to wear his jacket anymore]'' Live to win, 'till you die, 'till the light dies in your eyes Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting 'till you fall Day by day, kickin' all the way, I'm not cavin' in Let another round begin, live to win Live to win Live to win Yeah, win [Kyle's room, a.m.

He rises from bed, which means he went to bed at a.m. He hops out of bed, heads for his father's den and then to the computer and logs into the game to slaughter more boars.] [Kenny's playing from the living room.

The class has good attack speed and mobility and can close on a target quickly, combine this with an essential pvp debuff of 25% less healing on his target and Taste for Blood makes the class very dangerous.

The warrior always does damage and does not need to break for mana.

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