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Once formed, these impressions can lead to shattered expectations when you actually come face to face.So, scary as it may seem, try to meet your online choices in person asap.A special breed of single might instead be drawn to Farmers (“Because city folks just don’t get it”).For help finding and getting a feel for various dating sites, check out resources from Real Simple, Online Dating, Consumer Search, and Consumer Rankings. Don’t assume right away that someone who misses out on a supposedly key quality (like height) should automatically be eliminated as a prospect.Know what you want before you log on, but allow yourself to be surprised when the seemingly not-so-perfect choice turns out to the one who rocks your world.For the average Joe, OKCupid and are excellent options.It’s OK—good, even—to have fewer choices, so long as they’re better ones. If you’re highly educated and seeking a highly educated partner, Right Stuff Dating (“The Ivy League of Dating”) may be right for you.People who want to date British guys may, naturally, want to check out Date British

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These issues haven’t stopped promoters from making outlandish, unproven claims, such as the bizarre one from Gene Partner, a site that says its matchmaking abilities are superior because it incorporates users’ DNA: “Now, hard science is making it easier to find true love.

The truth is that you can’t substitute a scientific formula or digital communications for the vibes you get when you actually meet someone in the flesh. If you want Cupid’s arrow to strike you from the online dating cloud, don’t be sucked in by false scientific claims or millions of dating choices.

Select the sites that make the most sense for you, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many options, and don’t waste your effort and money on extensive profiling.

(MORE: Millennials Are Biggest Suckers for Selfish Impulse Buys) Don’t buy into the “scientific method” hype.

The formulas that sites use don’t stand up to scientific scrutiny.

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