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Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesperson Warren Stain declared the death as "consistent with suicide." But there are serious and troubling contradictions to this explanation, including the fact that Veal had been hooded in a pillowcase before his death.

(Seattle Post-Intelligencer) In Wilkinson County, Davis' 10,000-acre plantation, Rosemont, was declared a "home colony" under the protection of a Black regiment.

“Not that they are not concerned,” he added, “but everyone knows that I am going to do my job. Nevertheless, he is open to any information or evidence that supports any claim of lynching or foul play. In fact, she called it, “A 2004 version of the 1955 Emmett Till story. “Roy was a Vietnam veteran who survived Vietnam only to come home and be lynched in Mississippi,” she added. Veal’s sister, Doris Gordon of San Francisco, said, “It’s awful, we don’t know why they did it.

And, I am an African-American, so if there is a lynching, don’t you think I want to find out who did it? Bradley, who brought the story to The Final Call, wants to know how officials could believe Veal’s death to be a suicide when just three days prior to finding his body, he had driven from Seattle with documents to prove his family’s claim to the land. “I am going to wait and see the results of the investigation before taking any position,” Mr. There are people trying to take part of our land because they apparently think there is oil on the land.” Research has revealed there is an epidemic of Black land theft, According to Dr. Winbush, a professor of Social Justice at Fisk University. It is the greatest unpublished crime in American history,” Mr.

In some cases, government officials approved the land takings; in others, they took part in them. Support the voice of resistance (Final - Although the Wilkinson County, Miss.

The earliest occurred before the Civil War; others are being litigated today. Today, virtually all of this property, valued at tens of millions of dollars, is owned by whites or corporations." (Dr. Winbush, "The Earth Moved: Land Theft and African Americans in the United States") The taking of these lands continues with the complicity of the U. Depart ment of Agriculture, which denies loans to Black farmers, thus furthering the interests of corporate agribusiness. sheriff has not released an official ruling in the April 23 hanging death of Roy Veal, family members are convinced his death was a lynching, tied to an ongoing legal battle over land title between the Veal family and White neighbors.

According to Alvin Bailey, Veal’s cousin, several years ago, a family member sold her part of the 40 acres to a White neighbor, who has since tried to claim the entire 40 acres.

Veal's relatives are emphatic that his death was a lynching.In Wilkinson County, Lewis Allen and four other such leaders were killed in 1964.Speaking that year, Moses said: "But while that was happening, what kept people going, and what still keeps people going, was that you were able to reach and make contact with the Negro farmers, with the people in the cities. There was some feeling that you had hit some rock bottom, that you had some base that you could work with and that you could build on, and as long as you had that, then maybe there was some hope for making some real changes someday." (Bob Moses, Voices of Freedom Project) The fight to keep land in the hands of Black people in the South continues in the face of a system Moses characterized then as "the white citizens councils, the governor, the state legislature, the judiciary—one monolithic system." A 2001 Associated Press study documented "a pattern in which Black Amer icans were cheated out of their land or driven from it through intimidation, violence and even murder.Wilson escaped out of the fields of slavery to enlist in the Union Navy.He returned to the county after the war "to stand armed guard in front of ballot boxes to protect blacks who were voting." (Hazel Rowley, Richard Wright: The Life and Times) During the civil-rights battles of the 1960s, state-sponsored white vigilantism continued in what activist Bob Moses called "symbolic acts of terror"—the attempt to intimidate the Black community through assassination of its leaders.

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