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There’s also the fact that they might not have their own home – or still live with their mum! Sometimes they think of you as the mother figure a bit – that can happen.

It’s not great if you get mistaken for their mum – thankfully that’s never happened to me.

I wish Mel all the best - I’m actually very envious because Olly is gorgeous!The singer is 14 years Mel's junior, but it's not the first time the Boddingtons Bitter star has gone for a younger man - though her last marriage to roofer Jack Cockings — 16 years her junior — ended in chaos.The experience doesn't seem to have put her off toyboys though - and Lizzie is in full support.Just having manners is so important and every girl out there likes to be made to feel special.But it had to be equal in a relationship, and with younger men they’re more modern – they cook, they want to do things and come up with ideas for going out.

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