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Oakley contends the games fit a loophole in the state's sweepstakes law, and he quickly replaced them with more. State agents produced paperwork suggesting Oakley's gaming machines came from the Godwin-owned Raleigh Amusements.

Oakley concedes his video games are from Raleigh Amusements, but not the confiscated gaming machines."That has absolutely nothing to do with me, and I proved that had nothing to do with me," Oakley said. We are unable to provide anything at this time."In prior stories, a U. Attorney’s Office spokesman defended the agents' actions but declined to comment because of the ongoing investigation.”Federal records show The Train Station was one of at least 190 businesses raided in the Godwin investigation.

A serial killer has claimed that his victims were actually 'criminals' and that he was trying to 'save' the woman he held captive in a shipping container as a sex slave for two months.

Todd Kohlhepp, 46, made the outrageous claims from behind bars in a South Carolina prison, writing a letter to a New York Post reporter that emerged on Saturday.

"Eight guys walking around with guns and badges, smashing – literally – a machine open in the middle of my dining room.

It was insanity."Alcohol Law Enforcement agents seized three gaming machines. I didn't even have change to give a customer," he said.

Murray Glenn, a spokesman for the Spartanburg County prosecutor, told the Post that Kohlhepp is an 'attention seeker' who 'needs to stay in prison and be forgotten.' August 28, 2017Dear Melkorka [Licea, New York Post reporter], Thank you for writing me.

As for Oakley, he said he's stunned by the sheer scope of the Godwin investigation and says the raids missed the mark."I just can't believe they can use one person's problem to confiscate so many millions and millions of dollars from hard-working businesses," he said.

"They just fall under the, 'Well, it may have something to do with the gaming machines.'"In each case involving the businesses, the owner and RGB, the Godwins' company, are listed as entities who may stake a claim to the money.

The National Center for Victims of Crime, in close collaboration with Go Fund Me, and state and local officials, has opened the National Compassion Fund Parkland to support those injured and killed in the Parkland School Shooting.

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