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Stothers Checking Up On Doctors (added 1/4/98) Administrators in Medicine operate an organization of state medical board directors.They sponsor a Web site you can find information on doctors in a growing number of states.The Centers primary goals include:1.) improving health professionals' understanding of the "whole" person with a disability, through the development of curriculum that is integrated into the students' education at pre- and postgraduate levels, Depression: What The Consumer Needs To Know (added 4/8/98) Getting over Getting Older : An Intimate Journey, by Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Paperback - 336 pages (May 1997), Berkley Pub Group.(added 12/28/99) No disability -specific content, but a good read.Obtaining appropriate health care is crucial for everyone, but none more so than persons with a disability.The following articles by June Iaacson Kailes are powerful guides to taking and keeping control of your health care." Editor William G.It illustrates how to start on the proper note and continue until you get the information and treatment you need.Tells how to ask the right questions, understand the answers, and how to survive managed care.

"One of the most important topics MAINSTREAM has ever reported on is health care.Excellent resource providing information on seeking and receiving proper medical care and keeping your own medical records.Provides disability-specific strategies and examples. Helpful checklists include: Visit Strategies; Outline for Information Giving; Procedures, Tests and Consultations; Medication; What to look for in Health Care Providers; and Hospitals: Be Assertive about Your Needs.Take This Book to the Hospital With You, by Charles B.Inlander, Ed Weiner (Contributor), Mass Market Paperback - 328 pages Reissue edition (October 1997), St Martins Mass Market Paper.

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