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Briefing: Exploring the Connection between Climate Change and Political Instability Arun Agarwal - IFRI This briefing is extracted from a January 2014 address to RRI members and staff by Arun Agrawal.

Arun coordinates the International Forestry Resources and Institutions network, which is a coalition partner of RRI.

These initiatives offer innovative approaches to longstanding challenges in the land-use sector for policy-makers and forest stewards in developing countries.

Increased cooperation between the initiatives at the national level could advance forest governance reforms, strengthen stakeholder engagement and balance competing interests.

- THE NATIONAL DALIT WATCH, SOCIETY FOR PROMOTION OF WASTELANDS DEVELOPMENT Dalit stakes in environment are high due to their dependence on natural resources for livelihoods.

In most countries, however, governments have claimed ownership of much of the forest estate through historical processes of expropriation, and those claims have been formalized in statutory laws.

While governments are increasingly recognizing local ownership and control of forests, forest tenure arrangements remain in dispute or unclear in many places, including low, middle, and high income countries.

Includes overarching priorities, strategic analysis, networking support, communications and outreach, strategic initiatives, country and regional initiatives, coalition coordination, and operations.

The Rights and Resources Initiative, HELVETAS, Swiss Intercooperation, Oxfam, International Land Coalition, IUCN This report provides a summary of the main outcomes and discussions from the Interlaken conference, with a focus on the priorities for action developed within five thematic strategy sessions, which ran in parallel and provided the main structure and organization of the conference.

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