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I'm more inclined to believe the lines about tough conversation were more to do with both realizing they are still attracted to each other but what could they do? The phrase, "the snow turned into rain" obviously has different meaning for different people, but from the first time I heard it, I just thought of how beautiful it can be to walk through a gentle snowfall and how miserable it is to be in a freezing winter rain. Notice in his song "Hard to Say" he sings the words "..why each time the sky begins to snow, you miss her when she is far away".

Probably somewhat speechless, probably somewhat awkward, but not enough to keep them from forgetting their families for awhile. He's watching a love in his life slip away again, just like she did back in their school days. And how he went from one of those sensations to the other went he went from that 'moment back at school' to reality.*** 'The beer was empty and our tongues were tired' *** On February 15th 1981, "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg peaked at #9 (for 2 weeks) on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; it had entered the chart on December 7th, 1980 at position #75 and spent 18 weeks on the Top 100... I think these lyrics are refering to the the same person in the "Same Old Lang Syne". This would also explain the other lyrics in "Hard to Say'This song reminds me a lot of being an adult and looking back at a time that was more innocent.

Fogelberg's wonderful words and phrases and make them our own.

It is the way we relate to all poetry and "Same Old Lang Syne" is certainly poetry. Two times in my life I managed to "reach beyond the emptiness" and reconnect with former loves.

But I gathered myself together and we went out; and his was a tale of sadness and, from what I could tell, a slow road to physical and emotional dead ends. I have long loved this song about lost loves and of paths not taken.

That twinkle in his eye flashed now and then, and it only made it all the more sad. I must admit that it almost brings me to tears every time I hear it because it strikes so close to home.

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They are surprised (but pleased) when hundreds of eager women descend upon the town.It's sad to me that Dan and Jill weren't able to make that work. ” half joking, but likely half knowing we weren't going to make it.But, if they had managed to pull that off, then there would be no song to wring all those emotions from our hearts. To this day, 30 years later, I have a “Pavlovian” reaction to this song ,where the tears just automatically come whenever I hear it (which has made for some awkward moments in the company of others, having to excuse myself to the bathroom to deal with “something in my eye”). I do think some here may be over analyzing the lyrics a bit.As in the song, we ran out of things to say; and yet, still, I felt "that old familiar pain." I never did ask him why he left; and I realized it wasn't important to know. This beautifully sad story is one most everyone can relate to and find tucked away in the most protected part of our hearts.Will there ever be a love as strong or as ultimately painful as our "first love"?

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