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Toonami had a hand in uncancelling several syndicated series (, with Moltar broadcasting action cartoons from the Ghost Planet.Cartoon Network later Retooled the block with an original host character, TOM (standing for Toonami Operations Module), broadcasting from the Cool Starship , resulted in the upgrade of TOM to TOM II).

TOM says it's been a long time since they last talked.

Fans of Toonami recognize the block — or, more accurately, Toonami's "Midnight Run" — as the Spiritual Ancestor of [adult swim].

Several anime series that aired on Toonami ended up airing on [as] during the latter block's first year.

Cartoon Network eventually cancelled Toonami due to flagging ratings—a direct result of moving the block to Saturdays only and filling it with reruns, then-flagship show away from the last filler episode at the time), and the higher-ups' need to retool the network itself.

The final edition of Toonami aired on September 20, 2008 (surprising fans who had no knowledge the network had cancelled Toonami), and the "Toonami Jetstream" streaming video site subsequently went offline in January of 2009. On April Fools' Day 2012, [adult swim] "revived" Toonami for one night; while it mainly reused clips from the past — and showed episodes of classic Toonami shows — it also featured new lines recorded, a special At its 2012 upfront on May 16th, [as] officially announced the return of Toonami after the resounding success of the April Fools special; the block would rise again on May 26th, 2012, with a mix of old and new programming.

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