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DKL has a Sunday morning thread over at Mormon Mentality. Andersen, Presidency Quorum of the Seventy Related a story by President Hinckley of a soldier who would return home a Mormon despite strong family opposition and career road blocks.

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We will be less depressed, less stressed, less angry. Forgiveness is a heartfelt component of the Amish religion. Forgiveness does not relieve us of the consequences of our choices. You compassion has reached beyond our community to change the entire world. The money sent to the Amish to assist in health care was in turn shared by the Amish with the milkman’s family. Weakening of marriage has far reaching consequences. Bishops do not counsel members to divorce; but, can help living with consequences. “We thought it would be fun to keep our two main actors in this sequel to show the progression of Mormon relationships”, said Cooper Boice, Mutual’s Founder.“At the end of the original video, Stacey and his female co-star matched and walked off together.” In the sequel, Stacey and his co-star are married and offer dating advice to a young family member who visits home for the holidays. The prophet Joseph’s family benefitted from the reformation and having the Bible. He felt a witness of the spirit upon finally reading the Joseph Smith story. What he felt at age 11 was more powerful than what he normally felt or had felt before. Because of the reformers the Bible became a household possession.

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