Is gerard way dating anyone

Her house was in the hills above the Beverly Hills Hotel. I was talking in a circle of 4 people with Stevie to my right. She kept falling to the right, so I'd reach out to grab her and pull her back into the circle. I saw her again at an event (Bill Clinton was there too giving a speech). Wnen she got offstage I told her I liked her new record and she looked rested and fabulous. That Rhett Akins - country songwriter, former singer, father of Thomas Rhett- likes men as a side order.The house looked like something out of an animated Disney movie. This kept happening so I'd let her fall a little further before I'd grab her arm and pull her upright again. Matt Fox has herpes - female co-worker got it from him. That Jamie Foxx and Gary Le Vox, lead singer of Rascal Flatts, were lovers when they were both starting out. None of the boys in the group are strangers to the cock. Someone asked Smith if he wanted to meet him and Smith said "Why the fuck would I ever want to meet HIM? Michelle Williams and Christina Ricci had an affair while filming Prozac Nation.He cried and had hysterics, constantly calling his mother. I was sitting at the TV room when this same guy approached me as he was about to check out, asking if I wanted to meet for coffee sometime.She in turn, called her members of Congress and people at the Pentagon. I told him I was just visiting (I was visiting from Chicago).I went to a party for Elton John years ago at the Four Season's in LA. I thought, "This man is gonna either get sober or die." Luckily he chose the sober route.

I'm against outing in principle, so it comes naturally to me.She raised such a stink that the Navy discharged the candyass jerk. A year later I see the same silver-haired guy on TV hosting a reality game show about moles.I don't recall if he got an undesirable discharge or general discharge. Due to fears of loosing her figure , Joey Heatherton had a late term abortion after becoming pregnant with Godzilla"s baby.They'd have sex with each other (and others, girls or guys), and do drugs together. Back in 1993, I saw Eric Stoltz and Mary Louise Parker monkeying around late at night in the West Village.I saw Margo Hemingway's right breast fall out of her blouse at Studio 54. I've seen Maxwell Caulfield nekid, circa 1994 at the BH YMCA locker room and at the carousel showers. He was kinda tickling her and grabbing her while she was struggling to unlock her door and get them inside. This isn't a particular secret or anything, and I imagine most people who might find this at all interesting are probably dead.

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