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The two unlikely studio mates and close friends share a remarkable intimacy, quietly quipping back and forth to each other, sharing inside jokes told with the same lighthearted, kind smirk.The artists met in 2009 during an exhibition of Boyd’s at Vancouver’s Centre A. Boyd then turns to me, adding, “He’s a thrift store hound.” The pair soon started working together at a studio in East Vancouver, a kind of mentor and mentee relationship, marking Lewis’s return to the wheel after decades away. Despite the many years in between them, the two have an exceptional ease with their friendship; nothing is forced or laboured.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Ward presided over the ceremony and Director of the TSU Wesley Foundation Julius Wardley offered the invocation and benediction.Now at 80 years old, Lewis has more or less come back to one of his earliest forms: pottery.From 1961 to 1964, he studied with famed ceramicist Bernard Leach in St. After returning from England, Lewis incorporated his skills into more conceptual art practises, creating wrapped and folded porcelain tea cups and phallic salt and pepper shakers cased in pink Plexiglas.Lewis, who recently returned from a residency in Japan, brings a wealth of knowledge to the work.The duo shares a philosophical connection, as well; there’s a looseness and acceptance in their methods, a trait essential to the eastern tradition.

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