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For almost two decades, many of these attractions were inaccessible due to a protracted guerrilla war.

Now dark times are in the past, and Mozambique is one of Africa’s rising stars, with an upbeat atmosphere, overflowing markets and a 2500km coastline waiting to be discovered.

For more adventure, head across the Zambezi into the wilds of Northern Mozambique, one of Africa’s last frontiers.wonderful to be able to get up so close to the animals.

Last night after watching The Bachelorette, I had a conversation with my mom about relationships.

I ranted for a while about how much bullshit that is and how ridiculous it is and how while I’m sure my dad enjoyed pursuing my mom, and in many ways still does, he was not in it for the chase.

He chased her because his goal was to have and keep her.

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