Lacie error updating the remote access configuration

The external hard drive, a WD Elements WDBAAUDD0020HBK-01 is just out of warranty.It is plugged in to my desktop computer and is never moved from my desk here at home. The tabs are are General, Sharing, Security, Customize.Below that it reads: To try taking ownership of the object, which includes permission to view its properties, click Change above.I click change and a new window opens: The box reads: Select User or Groups as the title at the very top of the open box.

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To gain access you will need to use the security tab. The open one, Permissions reads File Thank You_files ( this is one example.

It does the same with any file on the hard drive) Below that it reads: Owner Unable to display current owner Change (highlighted in blue, I can click on.

In the main part of the box, the message reads: You do not have permission to view this objects security properties, even as an administrative user.

So in my case the answer was to change ownership on and older machine. I have downloaded FREE Linux iso and installed on all old Windows XP laptops to get continued use out of hardware that is perfectly fine while XP os now totally unusable. I have recovered W10 system drives, both boot and data drives, that have been whacked by software updates, etc.

by connecting them to a Linux system via usb in external drive hardware like Thermaltake.

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