Brooke davis dating one tree hill

I think this is a perfect explanation of who he is as a character because prior to the pilot, Lucas is this poor outcast, but as the series goes on, the viewers kind of forget that he struggled financially, especially after he receives some support from his estranged father, Dan Scott.Lucas had been described as “caught between being charming and a nerd, a hermit and confident.” Chad Michael Murray, the actor who portrayed him, said of the character, “He’s very introverted.” He described Lucas as an observer, someone who likes to watch people and try to figure out who they really are, as opposed to who they think they are, which was an important part of his character when the show began.She went through it all, and conquered everything in pique Brooke Davis fashion.We looked up to her and felt the beautiful, deep love she had for Lucas Scott.There is nothing like seeing and being at the locations where your favorite TV series was filmed.And there is absolutely nothing wrong with pretending to be Brooke Davis while you're there.We also endured pain when Brooke had her heart broken after Lucas cheated with Peyton Sawyer (who just so happened to be Brooke's bestie).Love hurts, and things got messy even for total queen bee Brooke Davis.

This house is definitely a must-see, since we all loved "The Girl Behind the Red Door," a.k.a. Brooke's house is located at 2314 Tattersalls Dr., and the only thing that could have made it more perfect would have been seeing her hot neighbor Felix next door. There are so many memorable scenes that were filmed on the Wilmington Riverwalk, which runs along the Cape Fear River.When you go to Wilmington, your trip isn't complete until you purchase some "OTH" clothing. I don't know how I made it out with money left in my checking account.As a "One Tree Hill" fangirl, all of these locations lived up to my expectations and then some.SEE ALSO: 15 Times One Tree Hill Made Our Hearts Stop Yep, we all remember that sweet scene when Nathan was first trying to win Haley's heart, and he gave her the charm bracelet from his Cracker Jack bag.Just seeing this image probably still melts your heart, right? Anyway, now there are lots of these tables along the water on the Riverwalk, so my boyfriend and I just sat down at one, and I chose to believe that it was Yes, this is real life.

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