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Valuable data in Cognos is available to a wide group of analysts and consumers and the quality of reporting data across school departments is greatly improved.

Now, Northwestern is able to automatically generate interactive, at-a-glance Tableau dashboard reports, presenting summary analyses to senior leadership while giving departmental administrators access to the underlying data.

We are constantly adding new materials, so please check back often to see our latest content. Get a firsthand account of the value the Senturus Analytics Connector, our solution that ties Tableau to enterprise BI platforms like Cognos and Micro Strategy.

Senturus client, Northwestern University, shows how the Senturus Connector allows them to derive the full value of their investment in Tableau Server by leveraging their extensive Cognos data marts.

Some of the go-to features and functionality that we relied on in previous generations of Cognos reports seemed to either go away, or change unexpectedly.

Before joining Senturus, he was a Senior Education Specialist at Cognos.

It’s time to get fired up again about using Cognos to build reports!

In this webinar recording, we share all our cool reporting discoveries along with tips and demos.

We cover TECHNOLOGIES COVERED Cognos Analytics v11 RECOMMENDED AUDIENCES BI Report Authors, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers, Business Analysts PRESENTER Albert Valdez Vice President of Learning Solutions Albert is the Vice President of Learning Solutions at Senturus.

He has more than 17 years of experience in business intelligence education and technical training.

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