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Sometimes they do." data-reactid="193"Though the crown prince is not your normal tourist, Saudis traveling abroad almost all seem to be part of the ginormous royal family, and many hold diplomatic passports, which can allow them to get away with unacceptable tourist behavior: If they do something bad like driving drunk or murdering someone, they often expect to get away with it. Complaints include Saudis’ not respecting the laws of the country they are visiting and engaging in generally disruptive behavior. " data-reactid="194"Incidentally, even Saudis themselves seem not to love Saudi tourists. In fact, many deliberately avoid vacationing where they’ll run into their fellow countrymen, according to some travel agencies.

Now, some of these stereotypes have a kernel of truth. My old man has a strict summer uniform of ecru Rockport Walkers, long white knee socks, tan pressed khaki shorts belted at the waist, a short-sleeved button-down golf shirt, sunglasses, and a sweatband or fishing hat." data-reactid="34"Daddy also has an endearing habit of going to European countries and talking “local like.” For example, in Italy he’d randomly say things like “Mamma mia! No, my friends, after traveling the world, I have decided that we Americans get a bad rap.Last year, a 15-year-old Chinese boy scratched “Ding Jinhao was here” into the 3,500-year-old ruins at Luxor in Egypt. residents voted Germans as the worst-offending tourists, and they were high on Triposo’s and Real Holiday Reports’ lists too.4.Another group of tourists killed a dolphin while trying to use it as a prop in their photos. Again, I’m not alone in calling out the Germans — they’ve climbed to the top of many a survey. The British Ever since the sun set on the British Empire, the subjects of the queen have been going out, trying to recapture the glory.Behind me, a tour bus of Russians had arrived, the women in bra tops and short-shorts, the men in various stages of undress (it was 100 degrees out), and all turning a nice shade of boiled-lobster red.As the relatively scantily clad group wandered around, a bunch of local kids started running over to catch the pay-per-view.

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