Rutorrent rss not updating

/^(thrones|*720p/i I plan on having around 10 shows included between the ()'s. Have had to add the following changes to ensure I get the right release though: /^(|show.two|show.three).*s[0-9]e[0-9].*720p. HDTV.x264.*/i I'm sure this isn't the best regex example out there but is working so far. However, if you decide to keep RSS Feeds in a file, you will only have access to the items on the computer where the is located.RSS Feeds that save items to a folder located within your Exchange mailbox are available to you from any computer with Outlook that connects to your Exchange account.The ban could be temporary or permanent depending solely upon the RSS publisher.Neither Microsoft nor Outlook can assist you if your access is suspended or banned by an RSS publisher.To check whether a time limit has been specified by an RSS publisher, do the following: You can specify the folder in which items of an RSS Feed are saved.Additionally, if you are using a Microsoft Exchange account you can choose whether your RSS Feeds are saved in your mailbox on the server running Exchange or in a Personal Folders file (.pst) on your computer.

RSS publishers set these limits to help manage the demand on their server.I'd like to have an rss feed set-up as backup but don't really want to have an individual filter for each show.I've tried the filter below and it seems to work OK for now. I manually downloaded the torrent and it worked just fine. I have 2 other torrents from that site that were manually downloaded showing an error as well.I'm currently using irssi which has that feature and thus makes things very easy to set-up.There are times when for whatever reason irssi loses a connection to the relevant irc channel and thus misses a download.

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