Here is how to get started: Once you call, you will be connected to our HUGE hub of live chatters through out the US and Canada.And, make sure your phone carrier is NOT charging you long distance fees.And while other sites will limit your interactions, we give you the ability to truly connect with our girls one-on-one, whether for a day or for years to come.Get to know each other better and see where the interaction takes you.Are you really interested in competing with his season tickets during his favourite sports season, or dealing with his heavy metal music play list before he goes to bed every night?I am not suggesting that all the items in his list will be terrible or incompatible, however there may be some deal breakers and red flags for you to take note of.

Fap Chat is the meeting place for people in search for a sexual partner without the romantic feelings attached to being in a relationship.

Knowing his automatic turn’off’s is a key factor to determine compatibility.

A great way to see if he’s ruled you out of his dating pool if anything he mentions is a deal breaker you possess.

Callers ring to speak to you, and we feel you should be rewarded for providing a great service.

There are no hidden fees, and no equipment to buy; all you need is a working landline, and our experienced team will guide you to become a fully fledged Phone Sex Operator.

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