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“I don’t have any expertise about anything else, but after Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings in 2008 I realised that I was shared out. Instead, the band released Underwater Sunshine, with their cover versions of songs made famous by, among others, Gram Parsons, Travis and the Faces.

I was tired of my life being up for discussion and I thought maybe I have just told people enough.” Did you not think that rather than just writing about yourself, you could look out at the world around you, maybe find inspiration in that, I ask. “Playing other people’s songs has helped make us an even better live band,” Duritz says, “it’s like collaborating with a bunch of people who weren’t there.” Echoes of the Outlaw Roadshow, the band’s latest album, is a live recording made on a recent American tour that includes songs from the band’s entire career.

Counting Crows and Rob Thomas announced a co-headlining tour today that will blaze a trail this summer across North America.

Johnny knew all these people.” When he wasn’t hanging out with Johnny and his famous friends, Duritz was dating some of the most desirable women in Hollywood, including Christina Applegate, Lara Flynn Boyle, Gwen Stefani and Winona Ryder.

August made Duritz hugely famous – his face was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and fans camped out on his lawn.

“Becoming famous made it a big issue being me,” he recalls.

The reality, as we’ll see, did not quite turn out that way.

Counting Crows are about to embark on their first British tour in four years.

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