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In the end, it’s very hard to be certain about how to classify this single small tablet, and since I’m definitely not an expert on anything Cypriot I’m going to stay firmly on the fence for now – but in any case it certainly seemed an appropriate choice for a conference dedicated to the relationships between the various Aegean and Cypriot writing systems.Which, I should say, was an extremely interesting, enjoyable, and thought-provoking conference, wtih an impressive range of topics covered in a series of consistently high-quality papers – plus a great deal of equally interesting discussions during the tea-breaks, reception, and dinner.I’ve written before about the problem of trying to identify signs whose forms and values are both similar in the Cretan and Cypriot scripts; this tablet is particularly interesting because, as well as sign-forms with very clear correspondences in both Linear A (LA) and later CM, it includes some signs which only seem to have LA equivalents, as well as others with only CM correspondences.It thus seems to represent an early stage of the adaptation of an Aegean script (whether LA or an unattested related script) to produce the CM writing system(s), including some inherited signs which may have been dropped or changed beyond recognition in later CM, but also already some newly-created Cypriot signs.During this drive, I ask my sister, "How do you know which woman is the right one for you? The mean of my name is 9.6 which rounds to 10 which corresponds to the letter J. So, the letters in my name are "centered" around the letter J." Now, my sister was born a Jones, and like the rest of the family, she can make anything sound believable. The standard deviation of my name is 6.986, which would round to be a 7.The 37mm case houses a hand wind mechanical movement which has been thoroughly checked by our experienced onsite watchmakers and is in full working order.

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In other words, the standard deviation of AEJMS would be the same as JAMES (but I'm really glad my parents didn't name me AEJMS). This time, we'll use the name SANDI (while not her given name, it's important to use the name the person goes by -- or whichever name gives the standard deviation closest to yours) Looking at the letters in SANDI, you find that they are very similar to the letters in JAMES.

So a big thank-you to Pippa Steele for organising the whole thing!

PS: to anyone interested in finding out more about the Cypriot writing systems, I can highly recommend the book of Pippa’s previous conference, ‘Syllabic Writing on Cyprus and its Context’ (P. Steele, ed., Cambridge 2013), featuring many of the speakers who were also present at URBS.

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