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For gay couples, then it is normally not possible to get a Dependant Pass for the spouse – well, unless your name is Tim Cook, Clare Balding or simply someone with a high profile name and job, then you will be able to get a Dependant Pass for your spouse in Singapore.

But if you are one of the mere mortals and working for a company who have no, or very few government connections, then the chances to get a Dependant Pass to the spouse, then they are slim. I mean besides just giving up and do something else at home.

Users hesitant of the service have the ability to view the success stories of couples “matched” on e Harmony.

In order to submit a question or concern by email, customers must register their account or submit a valid email address.

Customers can contact customer service during regular business hours to ask questions or find out additional information regarding their account.

An updated feature allows users to personalize the experience by selecting various nationalities.

The website also provides a blog featuring advice as well as tips to successful encounters.

You can get the working visa and then you can with your company as a sponsor, apply for a Long Term Visit Pass for the duration of stay for your partner.

This option is “okay” if you are going to work in Singapore for less than a “few” years.

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