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There’s a good reason why this sign is often called ‘lazy Libra’: if they have any choice in the matter, most Librans would rather not put themselves out.

Cultural dates – concerts, art galleries, the theater – appeal best to the Libra man’s sophisticated tastes, as do tete-a-tete dinners at glamorous restaurants or clubs.

The incredible thing about him is his ability to rush into love and marriage even though his sign exalts Saturn and we would expect him to slow down and wait for the right moment.

Someone would say that he wouldn’t take things that lightly, but the fact is he can’t waste his time on relationships with no future or depth.

You may be less impressed, though, when you realize he doesn't always mean everything he says and he can change his mind more often than he changes his underwear!

If you’re dating a Libra man, you can expect him to be highly demanding in terms of quality one-on-one time.

The additional problem to trust for a Libra man is his low self-esteem, making him question every decision he has to make.

He will sometimes give up on his principles just to get confirmation of his attractiveness and his ability to win someone’s heart.

This can even lead to impotence and other problems with expressing his sexuality in a healthy way. Well okay, if you thrive on a bit of tension in your relationships and are turned on by mad, bad and dangerous types, then sweet-natured Libra might be too bland for you.Because at the same time Libra is a CARDINAL sign, he’s also happy to take the initiative in relationship matters, especially when necessary in order to restore the peace.He simply thinks it is best to know where he stands right away.Libra man can be one of the best lovers of the zodiac, if only his Sun is not too damaged.

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