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Ad Cdo Correlation Ad Cdo Npv Ad Cdo Spread Ad Cds Deriv Ad Cds Fee Leg Cash Flow Ad Cds Npv Ad Cds Spread Ad Credit Bond Price Ad Credit Frn Price Ad Credit Structure Ad Credit Zc Curve Ad Default Proba Ad Fx Cds Npv Ad Fx Cds Spread Ad JLTCredit Structure Ad NTo Default Cds Npv Ad NTo Default Cds Spread Ad Trs Npv Ad Trs Spread Error Code Property The Error Code property of Adx Credit Module stores the last error code generated by the object.

Adfin X Analytics 2.0 Function Library 16 Error String Property The Error String property of Adx Credit Module retrieves the last error code generated by the object.

Syntax Error String() As String VBA sample Example Dim ct as Adx Credit Module Set ct = New Adx Credit Module ct.errormode = EXCEPTION On Error Go To Handle Res = ct.adcdsnpv("19sep02", "15SEP02", "5Y", 200, 0.3, [ratea].value, [credita].value, "RATETYPE: CMP CDSTYPE: AMERCDS CLDR: EMU_FI LFLOAT AOD: YES LFIXED FRQ:4 CCM: MMA0", "RISKMODEL: CURVE RECOVERY:0.3 NBDAYS:5 ND: DIS", "RM: YC ZCTYPE: DF IMCUBD") Exit Sub Handle Msg Box(ct.

) None Adfin X Analytics 2.0 Function Library 11 Adx Conv Bond Module You can use Adx Conv Bond Module functions to to price convertible bond instruments.

Adfin X Functions in Adx Conv Bond Module ito find out more about these functions, consult the Adfin Library online help.

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