Numbers for dirty chats

From here, you can sync your contacts and hopefully get a look at who this mystery texter really is.

Don't: Accidentally follow the person…Unless you've texted them back first.

First, add their number to your contacts under a pseudonym.

Numbers for dirty chats-42

Don't: Overuse The "I Lost My Phone" Line Use this line one too many times and you're bound to use it twice on someone.Do: Send A GIFNow that GIF search is built into Messages, you can quite simply search the phrase "Who are you" and choose a GIF to send among the many results that crop up. It's a more light-hearted approach to tackling the issue at hand.Do: Use The "I Lost My Phone" Line Yes, this one is pretty common.They'll get a notification saying you've starting following them, so then trying to backtrack and unfollow them turns it into a messier situation than it needs to be.Do: The Long-Time-No-See When you get a random text along the lines of "OMG it's been so long! " and the response ("I think Christmas Eve at the diner?

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