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Big dater, smooth operator, surely he'd give me the lowdown on the town versus big city sex-scene.

"Dating in a small town is generally slower paced because the pool of people to date or fuck is generally much smaller," he says.

But while London's density of singletons and Tinder (where London's popularity with the horny is on fleek) has helped my mate get laid plenty, he still thought it was an easier process when he lived in a town in Warwickshire.

"In small towns it is usually easier to move from a date to sex because of the fact you don’t have to take public transport,” he says.

The two most common UK dating services used by single men and women looking for love are online dating sites and dating agencies.

Internet dating sites, also known as online dating sites are very different to dating agency services or introduction agencies.

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Over the past year, a handful of us have collectively bedded nearly 100 people. And besides, surely the slogan is “peace and love” because nobody would want to go to war if there were other, sultrier options available.) I ask around for people's views on how moving to London affected their sex lives."Reckon you shag more now than when you lived in Liverpool? She ventures that, while people seemed to date more and more seriously in smaller cities, sex is easier to access in larger metropolitan centres."In London you can get away with a lot more.” I turn to a male friend.” “London,” he replies in a husky voice, blowing the smoke out.“It’s hard to meet people otherwise.” But he never calls me back.

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