Orly dating

So far, she has introduced me to a couple more gentlemen.

I had no chemistry to pursue a second meeting with either of them, but Orly did keep the second time around promise.

In all, I would have been introduced to two people for ,000 I paid on 2/17/10, and that additional people would be up to your decision.

Yours truly, Lily Kim I am the author of this report written on 3/30/2010.

makes me a candidate to seek a matchmaker who can cut through the chase, so to speak. She said she would screen and select the most suitable candidates for me. She compliments you as if she's your best friend for decades and looks at you and almost falls teary over your stories. My God, you are really dealing with the top of the line calibre of people. At the end of January, 2010, i was contacted by a potential Clint, she introduced herself as LILY KIM, a 30 years old asian female divorced from a wealthy Beverly Hills attorney, she claimed that she joined over a dozen dating services, she is dating hundreds of men, all losers, she add-et that the last relationship she had was with this 30 years old artist, that she financially supported and she caught him cheating on her, now she wants a very wealthy men to take car of her, i told her that our membership fee starts at 0,000, she said that she is stunning model, and she can pay me only ,000 for one introduction, and if she likes my service she will join for the full price.

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If you mess with people, some may decide to stay quiet, cut the loss and move on.

Few days latter i introduced her to my successful Beverly Hills Clint, with 2 kids,they went out to dinner, and she was very Happy, and called to invite him on a second date, he denied her, stating that he did his due delegate, and discovered that Miss LILLY KIM, is married, with last name RUST, 52 years old, not 30, and the photos she sent me is when she was 20 years old!

When i confronted her, she threatened me and my Clint with a law suet, and demanded a second introduction, I did give her a second introduction, she said she spoke to him on the phone, and he is not wealthy enough for her, i than gave her a third introduction to a Beverly Hills, top surgeon, with 2 kids, she went out with him and loved him, he rejected her!

Any one that needs a proof of this, please contact me, i will forward you over 100 emails, and work loge.

Single men, and dating services, please be aware of a GOLD DIGER. [email protected] Orly, Following our conversation this morning to clear my misunderstanding, this is to confirm that you proposed to introduce one more person for the ,000 I paid on 2/17/10 and that further introduction to anyone would be according to your discretion.

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