Steam updating toad

You see, they had to delay this game several times since it was released on old gen consoles back in 2013, but still if you read all the news regarding this PC version today, it seems that there's still a lot of issues to fix.

and server overload was like a 100% guarantee for a GTA game : D it will start work after a month or two.. My nephew started the download after I did and he finished first.Yet they always forget to thank consoles for their second wind.My current PC will more than double console performance for the lifetime of their cycle, without a single update in [email protected], @stragomccloud Ah, like we haven't seen that joke only hundreds of times the world over on the internet. GTA V was a fully released game (with some glitches), but was overall playable day one.Saying that people who played it on consoles were playing a "beta" version is just plain ignorant when a PC version of the game wasn't even in consideration at the time of release. Look at all my post over the last month about gta,srry to say i told you so......anyway how anyone is surprised is beyond me its a broken mess on console and so obviously wont be fixed....typical next gen/cloud based garbage.

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