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This argument has in the past resulted in the murder of thousands of people for things like witchcraft. Well, here is my life experience: I have been physically assaulted exactly once in my life.It was by a woman I did not know while walking down the street.Especially when the insult is something so unoriginal as "I can see why you are single".As far as posts being derailed with rape rants, I think a lot on here are getting tired of threads being derailed period.

And many are getting tired of ANOTHER thread being turned into another back and forth about rape. Did it make you feel good to report him and get him nuked?

I have no issue paying my way; I believe fathers should have equal rights with mothers; I believe that in most cases women DO have the exact same career opportunities as men do etc. I get tired of people suggesting otherwise, because it's bullshit.^^^ none of this had anything to do with your conversation with Rearguard.

The ONE area where I simply cannot and will not accept the old "but women do it toooooo" argument from men or women is when it comes to violence against women, almost ALL of which is at the hands of men. It had to do with the back and forth TODAY between Rearguard and Blonde Angelmwith a bit of Crookcatcher thrown in...intelligent male posters IMO.

Hmm, talking about rape and statistics, I wonder if there's only one crime per victim or if there are additional counts.

Dang, I am in the wrong place (soon to be rectified).

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