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Its final fate will be clear by September or October.

My conversation with Hanlon has been edited for length and clarity.

According to an op-ed in the Berkeley Daily Planet, SB 827 will cause “massive damage to the global environment for thousands of years. The Berkeley Daily Planet is the blog of rich local crank, Becky O’Malley, who loves to hate on all the kids nowadays and the tech industry, even though her husband made millions in the ’90s selling his tech firm.

Possibly enough to tip the balance to the extinction of the entire human race.” Can you explain to Californians why you want to drive humans extinct? I thought limousine liberalism was a Fox News trope. Berkeley’s Mayor describes #SB827 as a “declaration of war against our neighborhoods.” As this letter states, it‘s no such thing. Allow me to play devil’s advocate — I want to run through some of the objections I’ve seen and hear your answers.

California is in the midst of crippling housing crisis.

The state’s population has steadily grown, but it hasn’t been building new places for people to live at anything close to the same rate. The predictable consequence of demand growing faster than supply is that existing housing in the state, especially in its biggest cities, has become insanely expensive.

That’s roughly four to eight stories, far higher than what many local zoning commissions allow.

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What if the actual stops are on opposite sides of the street, but one block away? It could be unpredictable and difficult for developers to plan around. Also, it would get at this other issue some folks have worried about: What if people just chill all their bus service to avoid this?At present, the bill contains no explicit measures to prevent such displacement.(Its sponsors say they are working on adding some.) To answer that and other questions about the bill, I called the guy who dreamed it up, Brian Hanlon.A longtime housing advocate, Hanlon helped start the California Renters Legal Advocacy and Education Fund, which provides legal advice to homebuilders.Last year, after some success helping write, push, and ultimately pass SB 167 (which strengthened California’s Housing Accountability Act), Hanlon started a new group of pro-housing advocates called California YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard).

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