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"It's an interesting take; I like the double-blind situation," he said. Evans predicted that i Would will face the same challenges as other dating apps, including the costs of advertising if the app doesn't spread to enough people on its own, and the one-hit- wonder pitfall.

"You use it once or twice and then you never go back to it again," he said. " For i Would to be useful in the first place, the idea has to catch on with your friends.

i Would hopes to distinguish itself from the others by making matches happen only with those on your friend list.

Online dating industry consultant David Evans said the app does seem to offer a new angle.

nicht personenbezogene Daten oder Daten in aggregierter oder anonymer Form an Dritte weiter, die nach vernünftigem Ermessen keinen Rückschluss auf dich als Person zulassen, oder in Hash-Form, die nicht von Menschen auslesbar ist.

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Though the app is open to anyone on Facebook, its team is currently targeting marketing efforts to eight colleges and universities, including Cornell, Duke and Columbia. Budish, who once worked at Facebook, said a slow rollout is part of his strategy.

If someone you selected put you on their list, you'll both get a notice of the match.

"We're trying to help people connect with someone they're having a hard time connecting with, someone in your life," Mr. He argued, rather ironically, that starting a relationship with someone can be hard if you kind of already know them, "Sometimes that's the most difficult part of dating." The app aims to rule out the potential for rejection with its provision that if the interest isn't mutual, your crush will never know: Lists are kept private to the users.

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