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The fact is that roaches in the Florida Keys grow up to an inch longer than any cockroaches found in Texas, and some species in Central America have a six-inch wingspan and measure four inches in length.

Scientists say it is safe to say Texas has more cockroaches than any other state, but they cannot tell us how overrun we really are.

A Dallas anti-poverty protester uses it as an audiovisual, and UT football coach Darrell Royal uses it to describe an opposing team, and state politicians use it as an epithet.

Already there are cock­roach comic strips, T-shirts, and embroidered patches.

In Finland and in many European countries, the cockroach was once revered as a protector of life and allowed- to live freely in the homes of even the most promi­nent people. Despite the occasional claims of roachophiles, the insect is not better than it looks.

“Cockroaches are the insect people are most repulsed by,” ob­serves Texas A&M entomologist Dr. “When you try to put a dollar value on the damage it causes, you’ve got to consider that.” His point is well taken, for who is there who has not experienced the pulse-pounding hor­ror of the Kitchen Light Phenomenon—that stultifying instant when the light goes on and the roaches that reside in one’s kitchen are revealed in their full infestation?

They have a long and complicated sex life, and they can run, hop, skip, jump, swim, climb, fly, and hang upside down.

All things considered, then, the cock­roach is well worthy of the great state with which it has become associated and fully deserving of death.

I recently learned much more about the bug—in­cluding some interesting, inexpensive, and definitive ways to get rid of it—by going on a roach hunt through Austin.

My companions represented two differ­ent but deadly areas of insect expertise.

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