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and film a scene on West Ave in Bellevue PA, the greatest  street in the world ! Shailene Woodley is not actually pregnant in real life. Kathleen Bowman's husband goes to Zimbabwe for a medical mission to .... A post shared by Francia Raísa (@franciaraisa) on Oct 10, 2015 at pm PDT ... Daren Kagasoff (Ricky Underwood):.; The Secret Life of the American Teenager is an American teen drama television series created ....So, we don't really know what church she goes to - and if we did, we could not share that on Wiki Answers. Shailene Woodley is an American actress best known for playing Amy  Juergens on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and  Alexandra King in The Descendants.Shailene actually has a brace that she wears during the show and they make it bigger, and bigger as the show goes on.    She also plays Beatric 'Tris' Prior in the Divergent  series, the first of was released March 2014, and Hazel Grace  Lancaster...

Daren Kagasoff portrays Richard "Ricky" Underwood, 16 years old with a ....They had her wear a pregnancy belly during the first season of the television show "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" to make her look pregnant. She has been in four celebrity relationships averaging approximately 3.5 years each. When Ricky is on screen, I am looking at not Kagasoff.I am able to truly believe that this is more than a character, he is a person who has a life when he’s not on screen.

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