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He realizes that a superfluity of life’s comforts destroys all joy in gratifying one’s needs.

Satisfaction of one’s needs at times of severe deprivation constitutes perfect happiness.

Andrei and Pierre are few people in the novel who are given to deliberating on their actions and who find themselves in a serious frame of mind until it comes to embarking on a journey or altering the mode of their life. Others, especially the women, are left to the mercy of their milieu, who inevitably find themselves conforming to the fate which deprive them of all power of thought and free will.

Sonya can live only in the thought of her loved one, who is away at military service and later falls in love with someone capable of turning the fortune of his family around.

Honor and glory in the end almost spoil his whole life.

After the death of his wife to whom he has eschewed duty as a husband, he laments over human dignity, peace of mind, and most painfully, his ingratitude.

An inscrutable fear takes hold of everyone indiscriminately: it is not so much a fear for the life as people can await their fate calmly and cope with it with solemnity and circumspection when the time comes.

Tolstoy, so much being a moralist as he is, does not really judge his characters’ acts.

The ultimate verdict, is his realization that one must believe in the possibility of happiness in order to be happy.

Pierre Bezuhov is also searching for the meaning of life.

Napoleon’s invasion of Russia forms the backdrop of the novel.

These characters, who are left at the mercy of their fate and the capricious climate of war, ineluctably move in the strange delirium of war and its chaos, which constitutes a foil for their personal drama.

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