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More cool runnings were there for Bill Cook, who could never beat Ben & Mike Dawson, outstanding again in Historic, so Bill focussed on a nice little fight with Les Allfrey and Mike Smith.Les had some issues, Mike suddenly found himself on three wheels after what seemed to be a minor off, and the Dawsons had a rare DNF with a head gasquet going, so the second surprise win of the event goes to Bill, one of our first FIRC drivers to book in 8 years ago.Division B winners and FIRC regulars Smith/Vincent claimed their first title too, thanks to a very consistent run, something that can not be said about their opponents.About the same story can be told in Historic class, where the fast Cosworth of Andy Thomson was not exactly reliable.

The Evo got badly stuck in a ditch, eventually blocked the stage, but the rescue came from... This can be a lesson for many, Anthony and Aiden are top men, BIG respect!

This resulted in quite a comfortable but much deserved win for father and son Dawson, who also claimed several general class wins, and a first division win for regulars Cook/Head, despite a big off in ORC Canal Rally.

In 2WD, no one came near the powerful Reddington Millington, however Thomas/Jordan had a fantastic run in their 306, beating local class specialists on several occasions, hence their trophy of ‘Rookie of the Year’.

To see such a walkover, we have to go back to the debut years of FIRC where Andy Rowe was unbeatable.

Top favourites Ellis/Fowler and O’Brien/Mc Daid just had a bit too many moments where the scenery or mechanics ruined their pace, but no one doubts both teams are preparing for some serious payback time in 2018.

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