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From talking to A-Trak and his crew or by attending one of Fool's Gold's famously wild parties, you get the sense that the label is truly a "friends-and-family" affair.

Even today, with DJ Khaled's "I Wish You Would" and 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song" making their rounds, it's apparent that ' Ye has made just as much of a musical impact on other artists' records.

"He was like, 'Man, I came out there and saw you DJing and you was up on your tippy-toes! '" A-Trak, born Alain Macklovitch, says of Cam'ron's reaction to seeing him play a set for the first time.

"We had connected and got along musically..he's also been going along with [the project] without fully knowing what I'm about. Let's go.'" At only 32-years-old, the New York-by-way-of-Montreal producer has an impressive amount of accolades under his belt -- 15-year-old international turntablist champion, touring DJ for Kanye West, co-founder of tastemaking record label Fool's Gold, one-half of wildly popular DJ duo Ducksauce, the only man alive who can actually make a fedora look cool -- but, as his concert with Cam'ron illustrates, above all else, he's a connector.

The music industry hadn’t yet rebounded from the crash in physical album sales, subscription-based streaming services were still a niche market, and for an exhilarating few years, we were in charge.

Thoughtfully curated Myspace playlists blasted the songs that defined us (though we’d had some practice artfully capitalizing lyrics in AIM away messages) and let artists learn to control their own digital distribution. Back then, you knew them as The Cool Kids — two college-age Midwestern beatmakers-turned-rappers who bonded over their love of hard-ass, 1989-style percussion, weird Super Mario sounds, BMX bikes, and gold Run-DMC dookie ropes.

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