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Hello Friends , Soo , I saw that there was no sensible guide/tutorial that can explain one to enter the PS3's Safe Mode.So here it is - This is a guide on how to enter the Safe Mode ( a.k.a Restore Mode , Reset Mode , Self Repair Mode , etc ) on the check our Play Station 2 and original Play Station sections, too.We're also the largest provider of PS3 Trophies lists, as well as game guides, and we constantly update our database with new content daily.

If you still own some classic PS2 or original Play Station (PSX/PSOne) games, many of them still work on the newer Play Station 3...So don't forget to stop by Cheat for all the latest before every Play Station 3 gaming session.Choose the starting letter for the Play Station 3 game you're looking for, or browse our most popular games and cheats for PS3.What is the Safe Mode - Just like Windows has its own safe mode , the PS3's XMB has a safe mode.This mode helps you to - Restore the PS3's ( file system , default settings ) to factory settings Rebuild Database Reset the PS3 to factory settings ( Formats all the Data on the PS3 )Update the System Software So when to enter the Safe Mode ? If you are facing errors/freezes/crashes ,etc , go order wise doing one and check if it solves the issue - Restore Default Settings Restore File System Restore Database If none does , check on for the latest OS update , and if you have an older version , update to the latest version and retry the above steps.

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