Outsource dating life

She lives in Temecula, California, somewhere between Los Angeles and the hyper-conservative, bleach-blonde beaches of San Diego.This is the first time I've spoken with Ally and, aside from the small thumbnail in her Gmail account, I have little concept of who she is or what she looks like." Since her story, I've read several accounts of people outsourcing their love lives.An expert at outsourcing almost every aspect of his life, Tim "Four-Hour Work Week" Ferriss also tried it with excellent results.He was absolutely intent on finding me the perfect match.His enthusiasm was contagious -- he even went to the point of penning love letters for me!But then not everyone has as much free time as I do.

Valdez and Co ran into a problem when one of their less-cute lady clients wanted them to bag her a fox.It's one thing to weed out dudes using their blurry photos and attempts at wit; it's quite another to have some stranger pick your dates for you.After suffering through too many disastrous fix-ups, I even stopped letting my friends set me up. Suresh, her VA, found her two amazing guys with very little guidance from her.I asked Scott Valdez, one of the founders, how catering to women differed from servicing men."When a guy is less attractive, if he has a lot of other things going for him, he can still attract a woman," Valdez says.

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