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Dr Thomas said of Brady's final moments: 'He was unresponsive at times, laboured in his breathing and agitated.

He declined chaplaincy.'He asked for his solicitor to be notified and requested that his locked briefcases be removed from his room.

It is understood no local undertakers are prepared to handle any funeral.

No reference was made to what happened to his remains today, meaning the plans for his burial or cremation remain a mystery.

Throughout his time at Ashworth Brady was verbally abusive, derogatory and confrontational towards hospital staff, the inquest heard.The hearing was told the serial killer had two briefcases of documents, which it had been hoped may contain details of the location of Keith Bennett, the victim who has never been found The fate of Ian Brady’s body remained a mystery last night.It is unclear whether his remains have been cremated or are still in a hospital mortuary.‘He suffered from a severe underlying personality disorder of prominent narcissistic and anti-social sub-types.He was also thought to suffer from a number of deviant sexual disorders, to include sexual sadism and paedophilia.’Dr Thomas said Brady was offered anti-psychotic medication throughout his 32-year incarceration at Ashworth but refused to take any drugs.

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