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They all really liked the game also use a different control scheme that allows the player to move ond shoot in any direction independently.

In One you had to turn to shoot, which got very frustrating.

Bowditch's crimes came to light following an RAF Police investigations into a man who was believed to be organising unconventional sex parties.

After initial investigations police searched Bowditch's home where a USB and DVD were found containing filmed footage of her having sex with dogs.

■ TA: Although Activision had spent a lot of time on the conceptual stage and had come up with some really cool stuff, the technology ond gameplay decided to re- IT think the game w and vastly im- hi. f CP: Whot sets Apocalypse '' opart from 3D action shooters such os One doing the some thing for more than 30 seconds. There were a lot of other games that Apocalypse is a lot bigger ond more varied than One. Every little parameter has been carefully tweaked to make the game as fluid and intuitive as possible.

We decided that every action should happen instan- taneously when you press the button. , you're firing in that direction, whether you're standing, running, jumping, hanging or crouching.

Everyone who has ployed Apocalypse really loves the control scheme, especially when it's used with the new Dual Shock analog controller.

hm BP: Whot were your concerns with the title W after E 3 last year?A pensioner who was filmed having sex with dogs and then claimed she didn't know it was illegal, has been spared jail by a judge.Sixty-four year old Carol Bowditch, was filmed having sex with a black Labrador, an Alsatian and a St Bernard, when the shocking videos were discovered by police she told officers that she didn't realise sex with dogs was against the law.If you wont to move, you move— no messy turning round or looked like pretty hot competition.Another concern wos that the game did not get a good response from the public.

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