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A lot of uber competent women who are very independent need a strong place to fall and to just be a woman once and awhile.

I think we all love to let go and just relax like that sometimes JMHOAcutally I find it refreshing when I come across a man who can express his emotions on a deeper level and communicate to me those feelings. But on the same hand, want him to be secure and strong.

I like a man who can face his feelings straight on and not be ashamed. I think we have come to a point and a time in relationships where it is both okay and healthy for both men and women to be both strong and sensitive.

It is possible to have it both ways, but you have to be accepting of it.

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Some of us not only enjoy it, we actually do it, and on a regular basis.

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Love to feel the cool water under my feet as we look out into the horizon and share our thoughts and passions. It really stimulates the mind and provides a great opportunity for open two-way conversation. If you live in California or on a lake, then this is an acceptable thing to post as a like.

Peace I'm female.where I live.have a boardwalk.surrounds the perimeter of a downtown lake.. If you live in a condo where you can't see trees for miles and it's winter 7 months of the year, then it is not.

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