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Furthermore, the Treasury Department and the IRS are also interested in receiving comments about other aspects of section 1411 that are not addressed in the 2013 Final Regulations or these proposed regulations.

If such comments are received, the Treasury Department and the IRS will consider them for inclusion on future Guidance Priority Lists.

An agency may not conduct or sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to, a collection of information unless it displays a valid control number assigned by the Office of Management and Budget.

Books or records relating to a collection of information must be retained as long as their contents may become material in the administration of any internal revenue law.

If it appears that there is no significant interest in having the election, the Treasury Department and the IRS may omit it from the regulations when finalized, and the simplified method contained in the 2012 Proposed Regulations would no longer be an option.

ACTION: Withdrawal of notice of proposed rulemaking and notice of proposed rulemaking.

The newly proposed regulations provide special rules for the application of the section 664 system to CRTs that derive income from controlled foreign corporations (CFCs) or passive foreign investment companies (PFICs) with respect to which an election under § 1.1411-10(g) is not in place.SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Paperwork Reduction Act The collection of information contained in this notice of proposed rulemaking has been submitted to the Office of Management and Budget for review in accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U. Comments are specifically requested concerning: Whether the proposed collection of information is necessary for the proper performance of the functions of the IRS, including whether the information will have practical utility; The accuracy of the estimated burden associated with the proposed collection of information; and Estimates of capital or start-up costs and costs of operation, maintenance, and purchase of services to provide information.The collection of information in these proposed regulations is in § 1.1411-7(g).Generally, tax returns and tax return information are confidential, as required by section 6103. Section 1402(a)(1) of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Public Law 111-152, 124 Stat.1029) added section 1411 to a new chapter 2A of subtitle A (Income Taxes) of the Code effective for taxable years beginning after December 31, 2012.

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