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Of the five major vehicle diagnostic equipment groups, three select Haynes Pro as the preferred supplier.

Its customers are subscribers rather than outright buyers, thus there is an ongoing source of income and some degree of customer captivity, i.e.

So many things have changed since the decade that I was a teenager and went away to uni at the tender age of 18. Which makes you feel safe until someone scans them in and sticks them on Facebook. Student housing was damp, squalid and I doubt would pass any landlord safety checks nowadays.

Most of us didn’t have mobile phones, computers or the Internet at home. And unless you started right at the end of the decade you didn’t have to pay tuition fees either.

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Then I'll consider the strength of the economic franchise and then the quality of management and the company's stability.

It is the market leader in many European countries, with a duopoly in the UK and close to monopoly in other countries (e.g.

90% of the German market), with 40,000 customers, consisting of both independent auto repair shops and manufacturers of diagnostic equipment.

The market capitalisation of Haynes Publishing Group is £14,662,295.60collector: I bought in 1996 for about 335p.

Looking on the positive side , there has been a reasonable income stream , but the bank would have been a better option. ) An issue that hangs over Haynes share price remains the large number of family owned preferential shares , referred to in some earlier postings.junior21: I bought in yesterday so surpised we're up today, doesn't usually happen.

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