Dating and relationships in china

The topic is a perennial favorite on Chinese forums and Weibo.

These criticisms are 1) patronizing to the women who date foreign guys 2) slightly xenophobic and 3) not entirely unfounded.

If you’re single, new to China and plan on being here for a while, the issue of dating a Chinese partner will inevitably arise.

Besides dealing with the whole “Yellow Fever” stereotype, there are certainly some things you should know before you start dating in China, so you and your Chinese partner don’t have too many surprises along the way.

Whether you consider this unfair or not, Chinese parents do not want their daughter or son to become a leftover woman or man, and they’ll take great pains to avoid it, even if it means deliberately sabotaging a relationship.

As such, perhaps not everything I say in the following paragraphs will adhere to every person, Chinese or foreign.

3) Stability I have had the opportunity to discuss “stability” with many older Chinese, and this is the big thing I hear from many Chinese parents. Possibly a seven or eight year pit stop, but a pit stop nonetheless.

It’s not so much that they don’t like foreigners, it’s just that there is a stereotype—founded or unfounded—that expats in China are far less stable than their Chinese counterparts. We’ll go back home or move to another country eventually; the parents of your “qin ai de” know this and will take that into consideration.

If you want a casual sexual relationship, that’s fine.

If you want to get married as soon as possible, that’s fine too.

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