Granny chat room at home

You are the exception if you haven't had a family member put a video camera in a resident's room. While multiple states are currently considering proposed legislation that would forbid long term care (LTC) centers from prohibiting the installation of granny cams in residents' rooms, only four states, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington, have enacted such legislation.

Sometimes they do it secretly, like in a digital photo frame, and sometimes they put them in plain view. In Maryland, granny cams may be installed in a nursing home resident's room, but only if the resident's facility allows them.

Cameras usually stem from a fundamental lack of trust and a communication deficit.

When forbidding granny cams, LTC facilities should up their game in great communication.

There are few people who could relax and perform well at their jobs with a camera pointed at them all day with a video feed to someone looking to scrutinize their every move.

Best Practices Family members are understandably concerned about care.

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